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  The River cruise is one of the best way to get to the heart of a Russian history, culture and attractions.

This is an opportunity to see the cities of the Golden Ring, Valaam, Kizhi, Solovki, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan and other cities of Russia for one trip

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1 / St.Petersburg - Moscow 11 days and Moscow - St.Petersburg. Petersburg 12 days. This cruises includes cities: Mandrogi - Kizhi - Goritsy - Yaroslavl - Uglich 2/ Moscow - Astrakhan 14 days Uglich - Yaroslavl - Kostroma - Nizhny Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan - Samara - Saratov - Volgograd


Russian river cruise


is an unforgettable travel experience! Russian river cruises are one of the best opportunities to perform a full immersion into the beauty of Russian landscapes, to enjoy Russian hospitality, traditional Russian cuisine, folk music performances, and decorative arts, to deepen yourself in Russian history while visiting Russian cities and towns.


St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. The city is famous all over the world for its purely European architecture and straight connection with Russian history. During your stay in St. Petersburg you can visiting the Peter and Paul’s Fortress where the Romanov dynasty is buried, St.Isaak’s Cathedral, Smolny Cathedral, see other important monuments, and enjoy the richest art collection of the Hermitage Museum. You can also visit the suburban residences of Russian tsars, such as Tsarskoye Selo with a magnificent baroque-style Catherine’s Palace and the famous Amber Chamber in it, or Peterhof with its fabulous park that is the kingdom of fountains. The River cruise go to:



Mandrogui is a reconstructed village built on the Svir River to illustrate traditions and lifestyle of Russia's past. Here you can experience the lifestyle of Russian province, watch talented artisans and craftsmen making “matryoshkas” (Russian nesting dolls), carving wood, sewing, and visit the Vodka Museum, which boasts 250 varieties of this national drink. The River cruise go to:



The island of Kizhi situated to the northeast of Lake Onega is home to an open-air museum of wooden architecture. On the island you can see old wooden churches, chapels, bell towers, peasant houses, granaries, barns, windmills, bathhouses brought here from various places of the Onega region to illustrate the traditional architecture of the Russian North. The focal point is the Kizhi Ensemble, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, consisting of the awe-inspiring 22-domed Transfiguration Cathedral (1714), the neighbouring Church of Intercession (1774) and the bell tower between the two. Another significant structure is the modest Chapel of the Resurrection of Lazarus. Built in 1391, it is the oldest remaining wooden church in Russia. The River cruise go to:


The village of Goritsy, at the shore of the river is home to the Resurrection Convent. From Goritsy you can make a bus tour to Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery (the Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake), which is the largest monastery in Northern Russia. Founded in the 14th century, the monastery has preserved its remarkable architecture and fascinates the visitors by its majestic churches enclosed within austere fortress walls. The monastery is also famous for its museum of Russian icons.



Yaroslavl is a particularly precious jewel in the crown of old Russian cities. Yaroslavl has got its name from the Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who founded the town in the beginning of the 11th centuryNow it is a large industrial city, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Uglich in the 13th century used to be the seat of a princedom. In the 16th century the last member of the Ruirik dynasty, the young Tsarevich Dmitry was murdered in Uglich. That dreadful event started the period known as “the time of trouble” that lasted for 15 years ending with the Romanov’s dynasty’s upcoming to the throne. Today’s Uglich cherishes its history, and you can still see the relics of the past. That is the Church of St Dmitry on the spilt Blood. Built in 1690 on the spot where Dmitry had been murdered, it offers a beautiful view of its red walls and blue domes reflected on the water.



The river cruise concludes in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Moscow is the largest city of Russia, it is the center of political, economic, financial life of the country. During your stay in this heterogeneous metropolis you will get to know the history of the city and to visit the most prominent sights of Moscow- the famous Red Square with the beautiful ensemble of St.Basil’s cathedral and GUM, the Kremlin, Tverskaya street and the Bolshoi Theatre. The huge and vibrant city of Moscow offer countless opportunities for sightseeing and leisure.