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Classic itinerary around Moscow are always interesting for guests from any countries. Mysterious Lubyanka, the stately Kremlin, the grandiose VDNKH exhibition center, old streets with "those names, cathedrals in the city and monastery complex outside are waiting for their guests all the year!

Kremlin, Tretiakov Gallery, City Tour, St. Basil Cathedral, Kolomenskoe, etc

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Moscow One-Day Tours & Excursions

English, Italian, German languages speaking guide.

Other languages as Turkish, Chinese, Serbian, Arabic, etc are upon request to recalculation


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Visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

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Panoramic Tour in the evening, "Moscow turns on the lights". You will see a metropolis with no traffic nor hustle of the city life, illuminated by hundreds of lights. Moscow in the evening is bursting with neon signs, will enchant you with historical and architectural monuments, fascinates with breathtaking views of the lungofiumi of the Moskva river. Transfer to the Red Square, walk along Zaryadye, suspension bridge, Red Square, transfer to the hotel. Transfer, assistant

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Excursion to the Armoury, where are preserved the valuables of the royal treasury (wedding dresses, dresses for the crowning, thrones, scepters, carriages, balls, crowns, jewels, the famous Crown of Vladimir II Monomakh)

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The Tretyakov gallery - the exhibition has more than 180,000 objects and includes objects, painting, sculptures and objects made of precious metals created FROM the XI to the XX century. The collection of the museum has started to collect the philanthropist Tretyakov-a merchant who has provided his villa for the Exhibition of paintings. Transfer, guide, tickets

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Kremlin and Cathedrals. The biggest of the Kremlin in Europe and the residence of the Russian President, a symbol of the Russian statehood and one of the largest architectural complexes of the world. You will see demonstration of ceremonial of pedestrian and horse divorce of the Presidential regiment (on condition of good weather). Guide, tickets

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Arbat Street and Moscow Metro. Today the city has more than 150 stations and is considered to be the most beautiful subway in the world. Arbat Street is a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical center of Moscow. Tickets, guide

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Kolomenskoye. It has been considered prestigious since 1532, when the Ascension Church was built to celebrate birth of Ivan IV, the tsar-to-be of Russia.

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