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Classic Sightseeing Tour and excursion around Russian President was living. You will see Hermitage collection and KGB office , Congresse Palace and Peter and Paul fortress.

Hermitage - (isaac Cathedral*) - Putin's places - Konstantinovsky Palace / Catherina the 2nd Palace - Peter and Paul Cathedral

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 Tour “Putin in St. Petersburg“ - for 3 days

The Tour is available from ~ 15-20 October up to ~25 April


Arrival in St. Petersburg in the morning

Meeting with the guide for the visit of the City “3 centuries of St. Petersburg's history”

During the panoramic tour of St. Petersburg that starts from the famous Nevsky prospect, you can see The Kazan Cathedral, built on the model of St. Peter's in Rome; The square of St. Isaac's cathedral (outside), whose golden dome dominates the skyline of the city; The square, Teatralnaya, the home of the famous Mariinsky Theatre and the Conservatory of St. Petersburg; the District of the Sailors, where we will stop in front of the beautiful church of St. Nicholas; the island of Vasilievsky, the largest of St. Petersburg, you'll see the famous sphinx, the construction of the Academy of Arts, the University. We will stop at the Cruiser Aurora (outside), the Field of Mars, the legendary church of St. Savior on the Spilled Blood (outside). Also, you can see a part of the modern city, with Gazprom the sky skinner, Arena and Stadium of the Football World Cup

Excursion to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

The cathedral houses the remains of almost all the sovereigns of Russia, from Peter the Great to Nicholas II and his family (the latter were finally buried here in July 1998). Of the successive sovereigns, to Peter, only Peter II and Ivan VI are buried here: the first rests in the cathedral of the Archangel Michael in the Kremlin, the second was killed and buried in the fortress of Shlisselburg. The cathedral also has a typical carillon, a gift from the city of Malines, in Flanders.

Lunch at the café during the tour

Accommodation in the Hotel (check-in at 14: 00)

Free time

Day 2

Breakfast in a Hotel.

Meeting with the guide for the Places of President Putin (by car + walk)

You will learn some of the nuances of the biography of the current President of Russia since his childhood. During this excursion you can see the sights, such as the motherhood, the house where he was born, the areas where his school and student years were held, the house and yard he lived and the gym of his school in the sport of Judo. He also took a part in the film shooting of the Soviet movie studio "Lenfilm" as a stuntman! You will also see the building of the law Faculty of the State University of Leningrad, the legendary KGB office in Liteiny prospect (and Putin has worked here as a lieutenant-colonel of intelligence), etc. So, the President of Russia is a political that has gained great popularity in the period of his activity. Putin is a figure, which is the subject of debate in all countries of the world and the books are written, so it's not quite worthy of a separate excursion to theme to St. Petersburg!


Excursion to the Hermitage - the largest museum of Russia, located in the Winter Palace, former official residence of the Russian emperors. The Hermitage has a vast collection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Oriental, Western European Art, and Applied Arts. The museum has more than 2.7 million exhibits and is visited by over 3.2 million people each year. The exhibition is located in 365 rooms and consists of several paintings from the old school of the impressionists, the Royal thrones, carriages, magnificent parquet flooring, Crafts, jewelry, porcelains, sculptures, archaeological finds, ancient mummies, utensils, furniture and many other objects. The total length of the salt of the Hermitage is located about 25 km away. If you stay in the vicinity of each exhibit for 1 minute will take 5-6 years to learn how the Hermitage collection!


- Excursion to theIsaac Cathedral, the 4th largest Cathedral in the world. It was built during 40 years by Monferran the architect (Extra: up to the Colonnade for the panoramic view of the Centre of the City)


- Excursion to the Church on the Blood to learn the Russian architectural traditions of the building of a temple and see the unique interior of the million pieces of a mosaic. The temple was built on the point of the assassination of the Emperor Alexander 2.

Day 3

Breakfast in a Hotel. Check-out

Tour to Strelna for Konstantinovsky Palace - "Palace of congresses".

Hike along the halls of the state and of life, with a visit to the apartments of Russian President and a meeting room in an informal setting, allows to obtain a complete picture of the history of Strelna Palace and Park ensemble, and its modern function as a "Palace of congresses".

Attention: the Building is closed for tours on the days of public events.


you can take a tour to Tsarskoye Selo for the favourite place of Catherine the Great. It is an outstanding example of the architecture all around the world as well as the park and the garden of the art, with the Catherine Palace in the center, which was created by Rastrelli in the Russian Baroque style. The Great Hall of the palace, and the other of representation, which is known all over the world, Amber Room, and transports us with its magnificence

Lunch at the cafe

Transfer to the airport

Also, you can go to:

- Town Pavlovsk for Palace and the park landscaped. In the Palace you will be able to learn cozy interior, the tsar's throne and bedroom and a walk in the park with garden pavilions and maybe if you're lucky you might see a squirrel.

- Yousupovsky palace – ball rooms and halls are full of gold, gobelins and personal property of the Yousupov family. Tour along the exhibition halls and the Rasputin murder.