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Take a walk around Palace Square. You will see the most significant buildings on the square, such as: "The Winter Palace", the General Staff building with its famous arch and the "Alexander Column". Slightly to the north of Palace Square is the New Hermitage with the Atlas Figures at the entrance and the Hermitage Theatre. Excursion to the State Hermitage Museum. St. Petersburg's most famous building, the Winter Palace not only physically dominates Palace Square and the southern Neva embankment, but also plays a central political, symbolic and cultural role in the city's three-century history. The Winter Palace is part of Russia's largest museum, the State Hermitage Museum. The museum occupies five buildings: the Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the Old and New Hermitage, and the Hermitage Theatre. According to one estimate, it would take you eleven years to view each exhibit in one minute, so many visitors prefer to arrange a guided tour to have time to cover all the highlights of the collection. Price includes: private guide speaking English, German, French, Italian, Czech or Spanish + entrance fees. *You can book transfers to and from the Hermitage

10 pers - 30$ per pers, 8 pers -35$ per pers, 6 pers - 40$ per pers, 4 pers - 45$ per pers, 2 pers - 60$ per pers

from 30 €