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You will travel to the place where the Russian day begins. It is on this tour that you can meet polar bears, learn about tundra and dwarf plants, and see hot water gushing out of the ground in the permafrost
Anadyr- Egvekinot - Konergino - Presbrazhenya Bay - Whale Bone Alley and Gilmimyl Hot Springs - Novo Chaplino and the Annual Beringia Arctic Games - Cape Dezhnev - Wrangel Island - Kolyuchin Island / Kolyuchin Inlet - Anadyr
Welcome to one of the toughest and most beautiful places on the planet! Geysers, millions of gulls, rookeries of seals, ice and rocks that take your breath away.
Sakhalin Island, Port of Korsakov - Kunashir Island - Iturup Island - Urup and Chirpoy Islands - Simushir and Yankicha Islands - Toporkovy Islands and Matua Island - Onekotan and Atlasova Islands - Bukhta Russkaya, Kamchatka - Zhupanova River, Kamchatka - Commander Islands Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy