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Available in June and July Stand at the Top of the World 90° N The largest, most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world, 50 Years of Victory Helicopter sightseeing above the Arctic Ocean Possible polar bears, walrus and other Arctic wildlife sightings Optional aerial flight by hot air balloon (weather permitting) Zodiac cruising Franz Josef Land polar history, wildlife and wildflowers
Helsinki, Finland - Embarkation Day in Murmansk - Northbound in the Arctic Ocean - —90° North—Southbound in the Arctic Ocean - Franz Josef Land and the Arctic Ocean - Southbound at Sea —Disembarkation in Murmansk —Helsinki, Finland
Available in June and July
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy - Zhupanova River - Commander Islands - Karaginskiy Island - Verkhoturova Island and Govena Peninsula - Koryak and Chukotka Coast — Meinypil’gyno -Cape Navarin and Keyngypilgyn Lagoon - Port of Anadyr
Available in June and July
Anadyr- Egvekinot - Konergino - Presbrazhenya Bay - Whale Bone Alley and Gil’mimyl Hot Springs - Novo Chaplino and the Annual Beringia Arctic Games - Cape Dezhnev - Wrangel Island - Kolyuchin Island / Kolyuchin Inlet - Anadyr
The September tour
Anadyr - Egvekinot - Bukhta Gavrilla - Pika River and Meinypil’gyno - Bukhta Natalii - Tintikun Lagoon - Koryakskiy Reserve and Verhoturova Island - Karaginskiy Island - Commander Islands - Olga Bay - Zhupanova River and Bukhta Bechevinskaya - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
13 days Time: May, June
Sakhalin Island, Port of Korsakov - Kunashir Island - Iturup Island - Urup and Chirpoy Islands - Simushir and Yankicha Islands - Toporkovy Islands and Matua Island - Onekotan and Atlasova Islands - Bukhta Russkaya, Kamchatka - Zhupanova River, Kamchatka - Commander Islands — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy